9 Ways To Help Teens Naturally With Essential Lavender Oil

Let's face it. . . being a teenager is difficult enough with all of the stresses they face in school and through peer pressure. Not only do they experience awkwardness at times through their teenage years, but that often translates to stresses at home as well. Parents of teenagers are always on the lookout for ways to manage their teens' issues more effectively and naturally while still promoting a safe and loving home environment, but raising teens and helping them manage their normal social and performance anxieties still offers parents a significant challenge. One of the most useful and safely natural remedies for many of the issues that teens have today can be aided with essential lavender oil. There are lavender uses that can calm nerves, treat acnes, and relieve sun burns. Since teens are often reluctant to ask their parents for help, it is useful to share this knowledge in a place that teens can access so they learn to use the lavender oil themselves.

  1. Calm your teen before an exam. Many teens get nervous before they have tests at school. Teens can use a little drop of lavender oil placed just under their noses to help them stay calm during the testing situation. The oil will calm their nerves and help them focus on the topic of the test, so they have an easier time recalling the facts they need to succeed on the test.

  2. Develop calmness for a presentation. Many teens also get very nervous before they have to present in front of their peers in class. Again, to calm their nerves and help them focus, placing a drop of lavender oil under the nostrils or smelling essential, pure lavender oil makes the presentation less nerve wracking.

  3. Prepare for an interview. If your teen is looking for a job and is fortunate to get an interview, have your teen smell lavender oil before the interview. This will help your teenager stay focused and balanced to perform successfully at the interview to get the job.

  4. Use as deodorant. There is no doubt about it that teens need deodorant. Whether you have a new teen or an old teen, your teen can use lavender oil to kill the odors from the bacteria in the underarms. While your teen uses lavender oil as a deodorant, your teen will also appreciate the calmness that the smell brings throughout the day.

  5. Treat acne. Teens get acne and they do not like it. When your teen is looking for an effective treatment and you are looking for one that is not overly expensive, turn to lavender oil. The antiseptic qualities will kill the bacteria and manage the oil that causes acne. It is always recommended to test lavender oil before using it because some teens find it too irritating to use when treating acne.

  6. Calm general anxieties that comes with being a teen. For many teens, the complications of high school, friends, and other commitments can create mild anxiety in their lives. Before you turn to prescription medication you can always try some lavender oil. Lavender is an anxiolytic oil and is good treatment for mild anxiety. It is not recommended for major anxiety or other anxiety related disorders that require medical attention. Using the oil in a home diffuser, in a bath, or in its pure form on the skin can calm anxiety.

  7. Relieve sunburn discomfort. If you dilute lavender oil in a spray bottle with water or in an aloe vera gel, you can use it to relieve discomfort from sunburns. Many teens love to spend their time in the sun and sunburns happen. Lavender will sooth the stinging from the sunburn and the fragrance will calm the discomfort in the mind, too.

  8. Sooth a headache. Teens get headaches and it is useful to have a few tools at your disposal to help your teen feel better. Rubbing lavender on your teen’s temples will provide some relief. You can also put it on the back of the neck or trapezius muscles, too. Lavender oil is a better option than tradition pain killing medication.

  9. Create a calm family dinner. Teens can often create stressful family events. If your teen fights attending family events, like family dinners, you can use a little lavender oil in a diffuser to calm the setting and make your event more enjoyable.

There you have it! Natural, therapeutic grade Lavender Oil not only offers these wonderful uses for teens, it also works small wonders safely and effectively for adults and small children as well. Thought it is not recommended to replace and necessary medications that are prescribed by your doctor, it can be used in conjunction with any medical remedies to help lessen the need for some prescriptive medications under a doctor's supervision, while lowering personal toxicity and exposure.

About the authors: Aaron & Jennifer Schulman have 3 wonderful daughters and use Lavender Oil effectively around the home for everyday issues. They believe that the Lord has created many wonderful and natural remedies like essential lavender oil that people continue to re-discover. Jennifer has an extensive website where she shares her discoveries as a busy and sometimes over-worked home management specialist! You can read more at JenniferSchulman.com