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Tune: "Redeemed How I Love to Proclaim It"

Verse 1:
Wo-men brought spi-ces for Je-sus'
A-noint-ing that had to be done,
But when they ar-rived at the to-mb they
Saw men shin-ing bright as the sun.

They bowed in fear,
Then two an-gels spoke un-to them,
"Why seek ye the liv-ing
A-mong the dead for Him.

Verse 2:
The Lord Je-sus Chri-st is ris-en.
He's ris-en fro-m the dead
For God has raised Him up in glo-ry.
He's ris-en a-s he said.

They went and told,
But their words fell on ears deaf.
They sound-ed like tales un-til
Pe-ter saw for him-self.

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