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Tune: "O How I Love Jesus"

Verse 1:
A par-a-ly-tic had four good friends,
And such good fri-ends were the-y.
There was no ro-om to bring him in,
But the-y would find a way.

Down, down through the roof
For Je-sus they would see-e.
"Your sins are for-giv-en,
For-giv-en my son," said He.

Verse 2:
The teach-ers sit-ting there did com-plain.
They said, "God on-ly for-give-s",
So Je-sus heal-ed him and he walked.
That proves the Mes-si-ah lives.

"Get up, get up now and
Then car-ry your own mat".
A-mazed the peo-ple all praised our God.
"We've nev-er seen such as that!"

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