Bible Object Lessons

Stephen Ussery, a minister of the Unity Baptist Fellowship and member of the Garden of Praise community
is sharing some of his ideas for using hats and different kinds of headwear to present object lessons.
(Click on the small pictures to see the larger version.) Thank you, Stephen!

Sheep ears demonstrate how
we are part of God's flock.

Use a Safari hat to discuss
searching for God's will.

Easter bonnet, basket, and bunny
show what isn't important about Easter.
Taking the egg out of a milk bottle
illustrates the Resurrection.

Use a Beekeeper's veil to discuss
God's protection against scary forces.

The crown of thorns is replaced by ...

the king's crown to demonstrate
Jesus and King of Kings

The Viking hat was a lesson about
the dangers of jealousy.
(As in "I was so jealous because
someone else had this hat.")

The chef's hat is teaching the kids
that God has a recipe for our lives.

The black and veil dealt with sadness,
and how God's love gets us
through the tough times.

A company hat will show how we
should protect our testimony.
A hat that is too small
demonstrates having the "big head."

Some upcoming hat lessons are:
Pirate's hat showing wrong role models.
Hard hat to show stubbornness.
Black hat with full veil to discuss sadness and how God gives us relief.
Birthday party hat to show God's grace about aging.
A "Queen for a Day" hat celebrating Mother's Day.
Patriotic hat celebrating liberty.

Here's another idea from Stephen using shoes.

Object Talks
from Kid's Sunday School Place

Scientific Object Lessons to Teach Biblical Truths

Object Lessons

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