I (Pat) have been a survivor of cancer since 1972. The Lord has granted me the blessing of seeing my grandchildren grow up.

I can also sympathize with anyone who has a broken arm. In 1997 I broke my arm and missed the first semester of the school year.

Psoriasis has been an almost constant companion since I was a child only 6 years old. My parents took me to many doctors and clinics when I was growing up. They spent an untold amount of money on creams, salves, coal tar ointments, salt preparations and light treatments. In 1985 before a trip to a third world country, I had to take an anti-malarial drug. As a bonus, the psoriasis on my body cleared up. I was told later that a remission can be a good side effect of the drug, but the doctor would not prescribe it as a treatment for psoriasis because of other complications that might occur.

In 1993 we began drinking Kombucha, a fermented tea, sometimes called Manchurian tea, cultured from a gelatin-like mushroom. After several months, I was again free of psoriasis. I have remained clear except for one bout of guttate psoriasis due to a strep throat infection.

I harvest the tea once a week and drink 6 oz.a day. Occasionally I develop a few lesions, but in a few days they begin to clear up and my skin becomes smooth again. I don't know if the Kombucha is responsible or not. I do feel as if the disease is a raging tiger in my body that is now tamed.


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