Tiger Woods

Born 1975

Tiger Woods

Practice, practice, practice! That's how Tiger Woods became a championship golfer. He started playing golf when he was very young, and by the time he was 6 years old he was an amazing golfer. His father, Earl, was his coach.

When Tiger was just a baby, his dad made a driving range in his garage with carpet and a net. Tiger would sit in his high chair and watch his dad practice.

When he was 9 months old, his dad sawed off a golf club to make it very short, and Tiger could strike the ball into the net. When he was 18 months old (just a year and a half), he began going to the golf course with Dad. He hit buckets of balls on the driving range.

When he was 4 years old, they hired a coach for him. When he was 6, he began entering junior contests.

Tiger listened to tapes to improve his confidence * in himself. His dad helped him to learn to focus in spite of distractions * . He stood in front of Tiger and said, "I'm a tree", and he would have to hit the ball over his father. Earl would jingle the coins in his pocket to distract him, or roll a ball in front of him and Tiger learned to concentrate * on the game.

Even though it sometimes made him angry, the training helped him. Once a walkie-talkie * made a loud noise during Tiger's swing at the ball. He said he never heard the radio because he was so focused on hitting the ball.

He cannot stand to lose. He does not become angry, but he goes out and practices even harder to not make the same mistakes.

In the year 2000, when he was 24 years old, he won four major golf tournaments * ; the U.S. Open, and U.S. Amateur * and the British Open and British Amateur

During the 2008 season it became apparent Woods was suffering pain in his knee. In April he underwent arthroscopic surgery * on his left knee and missed the remainder of the PGA tour season. After an eight-month period of recovery he returned to playing again in February 2009.

Woods and his wife Elin have two children, a daughter Sam and a son Charlie.

He is so much better than any other golfers that some say he is the greatest golfer to ever play the game.

However, as of December 2009 Tiger Woods is a fallen hero due to his actions in his personal life. His fans are deeply disappointed in him. He returned to golf in 2010, but only tied for fourth place at the Masters, losing to Phil Mickelson.

This biography by Patsy Stevens, a retired teacher, was written in 2001.

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From Word Central's Student Dictionary
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(Pronunciation note: the schwa sound is shown by ə)

Pronunciation: 'kahn-fəd-ən(t)s, -fə-"den(t)s
Function: noun
1 : a feeling of trust or belief 2 : a feeling of certainty : ASSURANCE ...

Pronunciation: dis-'trak-shən
Function: noun
1 : the act of distracting : the state of being distracted; especially : mental confusion
2 : something that makes it hard to pay attention....

Pronunciation: 'kahn(t)-sən-"trAt
Function: verb
.... to fix one's powers, efforts, or attention on one thing

Pronunciation: "wo-kE-'to-kE
Function: noun
: a small portable radio set for receiving and sending messages

Pronunciation: 'tur-nə-mənt also 'tər- or 'tor-
Function: noun
.... a contest or series of contests played for a championship

Pronunciation: 'am-ə-"tər, -ət-ər, -ə-"t(y)u(ə)r, -ə-chu(ə)r, -ə-chər
Function: noun
1 : a person who takes part in an activity (as a study or sport) for pleasure and not for pay

arthroscopic surgery
Pronunciation: ar thrO SKOP ik
Function: noun
a surgery performed using a small incision through which a tiny lens and light are inserted into the joint.

26639: Tiger Woods Tiger Woods
By Andrew Gutelle / Grosset & Dunlap

By the age of 25, Tiger Woods had won all four major golf championships. He had also accomplished what no other golfer had - holding all four of the titles at once! How did he do it! What makes Tiger such an amazing golfer? Find out all about the golfing wonder - both on and off the course - inside this book. Ages 7-12.


Chasing Tiger: the Tiger Woods reader
by Glenn Stout (selected pages) Order here

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