by Lucas Cranach the Younger


Lucas Cranach (KRAH nahk) the Younger was the son of Lucas Cranach the Elder. The name Cranach was not really the family name, but the name of the city, in which they lived.(The city of Cronach was in Franconia which was in Germany.)

Cranach the Elder, whose father was an artist, also had three sons who were artists. The family members were close friends of Martin Luther and his family. His father Lucas Cranach the Elder made a copper engraving of Martin Luther Wearing the Cap of Doctor of Theology.

Lucas the Younger worked with his father and often painted the clothing and less important elements of the pictures his father was painting. Their work was so similar that in some cases we don't know whether the father or the son painted the picture. Lucas the Younger took over the workshop when his father died.

In the painting, Conversion of Paul, Jesus is appearing to Saul of Tarsus as he is on his way to Damascus to persecute Christians. Read the scripture to learn more about this interesting story.

The story of the conversion of Saul be found in each of the gospels. We looked in
Acts 9:1-19