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                                                Beany Goes To Camp
                                                 Chapter 5 – Last Day

Multiple Choice
Please fill in the circle before the correct answer in the questions below.

1.   On the last day of camp, what was Beany nervous about?
      O  Going home
      O  Not seeing Skye again
      O  Diving
      O  Wondering if Carol Ann would still be her friend

2.   What helped Beany decide to dive?
     O  Daisy helped her learn.
     O  She saw Skye swim across the lake.
     O  She watched the baby birds fly.
     O  All of the above.

3.   Who won the contest for the best Cabin?
     O  Cherokees
     O  Mohawks
     O  Sioux
     O  Kiowas

4.   Why did Daisy give each camper a stick to throw in the campfire?
     O  To keep the fire going longer
     O  To make a wish
     O  To help clean up the branches around the campground.
     O  To keep so they would remember her.

5. What was Skye and Beany’s wish?
     O  That Carol Ann break her leg
     O  That Daisy get married and have children of her own.
     O  That they both see each other at camp next year
     O  That they never have to return to Camp Onondaga again.