Little House in the Big Woods
                                    Chapter 1
                                Vocabulary Test

Print the worksheet and write the number of the word on the line before the definition.

_____ a wood block on which you cut things

_____ the rind of roasted pig

_____ wandered around

_____ a northern state near Lake Superior

_____ a bed that has wheels and is small enough
to be rolled under another bed

_____ heaped up ashes to keep the coals hot

_____ shortening made from the fat of a pig

_____ empty on the inside

_____ water containing a mixture of salt

_____ meat from the head of a pig made
into a loaf

_____ tan or gray with darker streaks or spots

_____ broth from boiled meat

1. brine

2. trundle bed

3. roamed

4. lard

5. banked

6. hollow

7. Wisconsin

8. cracklings

9. chopping

10. headcheese

11. brindle

12. pot liquor