Name ______________________________________ Date ______________________

                                                     Lesson 19  Test - Three Brave Boys
1. A certain king had the people make a huge gold _____________________________.

2. The people were to _______________ when they heard the ____________________ play.

3. What was the punishment for not following the king's command? (Complete sentence)



4. Name the three brave Hebrew boys who would not obey.  _______________________,

    _______________________ and __________________________________________.

5. Why wouldn't the Hebrew boys follow the king's command? (Complete sentence)



6.  The king had the boys thrown into a ___________________   ___________________

7. When the king looked, he saw not three men, but _____________________.

8. None of them were ___________________ at all.  Their clothes didn't even smell of


9. Who was the other man that the king saw? _____________________

10. __________________ had saved the Hebrew boys.  Then the king told all his people

    to _________________________ God.

fiery honor furnace music Naaman
God Moses smoke Shadrach five
an angel idol bow four happy
burned play Meshach Adam Abednego