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Lesson 21 Test - Esther

1. The most important man in King Xerxes' kingdom, besides the king himself, was


2.  This man tricked the king into making a bad law that would kill all the _______________.

3.  _____________________ was the queen, and she was also in danger.

4. Before she was queen, she had been adopted by ______________________.

5. If the queen went to see the king without his calling for her, she could be _______________.

6  Esther was very ______________________ when she went to see the king.

7. King Xerxes _____________________ Esther.  He listened to her story and became

    very ______________________.

8.  ______________________ was hanged for his evil plan.

9.  The Jews were allowed to _____________________ themselves.

10.  Since that time, Jews have celebrated the _________________ of __________________.

Feast killed time Purim brave
Jews Esther Xerxes defend Mordecai
Haman angry people loved hated