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Lesson 22 Test - Jonah

1. God told Jonah to go preach in ______________________________.

2. __________________________ tried to run away from God .

3. The sky began to get dark and there was a big   _______________________.

4.  When the men on the boat discovered it was Jonah's fault, they threw Jonah into the


5. God sent a great _____________________ to swallow Jonah, and he stayed there for

    _______________________ days and nights.

6.  Finally Jonah listened to __________________ and went to preach to the people.

7.  The people of the city ______________________ and they were saved.

8. How did Jonah feel about this?  ____________________________________

9.  Years later in the New Testament   _______________________ tells the 

    story of Jonah.

Jerusalem fish forty Ninevah storm
repented angry God Jesus bear
calm sea three Jonah Lord