Name _______________________ Date ___________________
                                                Lesson 23 Test - The Child Jesus

1. ______________________ tells Mary that she will have a son.  She is to name him


2. This child would be the Son of ___________________.

3. Mary and Joseph traveled to ___________________________ to pay their taxes.

    When they arrived, there was no room in the ___________________.  That night

    Jesus was born in the ___________________.

4.  An angel told the shepherds, " Do not be ________________________.

    A Savior who is Christ the Lord is _____________________ tonight."

5. _____________________   _________________ from the east followed

    a star to Jerusalem in search of Jesus.  When they found him, they gave him gifts

    of ___________________, ______________________ and __________________.

6. When Jesus was __________________ years old, Mary and Joseph took him

    with them to Jerusalem for the Feast of the __________________________.

    When they left the feast to go home, Jesus stayed behind.  They found him in the

    _________________________ talking to the _______________________.

7. He went back to Nazareth and was obedient to them.   Jesus grew in 

    ________________ and in _____________________, and in favor with

    God and ____________________..

Egypt son stable gold Gabriel
teachers Bethlehem sheep wise men four
frankincense God wisdom myrrh stature
inn Passover born Jesus twelve
birds men afraid temple John