Name __________________________ Date ___________________
                                               Lesson 28 Test - Going to Jerusalem

1. As Jesus entered Jerusalem he rode a ___________________________.

2. Jesus and his disciples were going to Jerusalem for the ___________________________


3. As they went along people put their _______________________ in the road and

   also cut ___________________________ to place on the pathway.

4. People shouted, " Hosanna  to the _________________ of _________________.

    ______________________ is he that cometh in the name of the __________________.

   _______________________ in the highest."

5. The next day he made a ____________________ of cords.

6.  He drove out the ____________________ and the _________________________.

7.  We know that Jesus loves the praise of children.  He said, "  From the 

    lips of _____________________ and infants you have ordained _________________."

David horse Passover branches Blessed
whip Son animals donkey children
praise moneychangers Joseph
Lord Hosanna coats