Name _____________________________________  Date _____________________
                                                       Lesson 30 Test - Jesus Dies

1. Jesus sent his disciples to prepare a place to eat the _____________________ Feast.

2. They knew they had found the right place because Jesus told them to look for 

    a man ____________________________   ____________________________.

3. _______________________________, one of the disciples betrayed Jesus.

    The signal for the soldiers was a __________________________.

4. In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus asked his disciples to wait for him and he went

    farther into the garden and ___________________________.

5. The soldiers sent  Jesus to Caiaphas who was the ______________  _________________.

6.  How did the soldiers make fun of Jesus?  ____________________________________



7. The name of the hill where he was crucified was called ________________________.

    Another name for it was      _________________________.

8. When Jesus died, the ________________________ in the ______________________

    was torn from the top to the bottom.

crucified high priest prayed curtain handshake
rested carrying Judas Iscariot Golgotha spit
scarlet Calvary crown water governor
Temple staff thorns Passover kiss