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                                               Lesson 32 Test - Jesus Leaves Earth

1. What does "resurrection" mean? ___________________________________________


2. When Jesus appeared to his disciples, what did he talk to them about?_______________


3. The "gift " Jesus promised to send to his disciples was the __________________________


4. Jesus wanted his disciples to tell everyone on earth that he had died for them.  He told them
    to teach and to _______________________ those who believed.

 . What happened soon after  he told this to them?   ______________________________


5.  A ________________________ hid him from their view.

6. Who spoke to the disciples after Jesus was gone from their sight? ___________________

    They said, " Why are you looking up in the ____________________.   This same

    Jesus who has been taken up into ________________________ will come back

    some day in the same way you have seen him go into _____________________.

remind cloud raised kingdom
earth dead baptize walked
death God angels present
sky heaven Holy Spirit sight

Some words will not be used, and some words will be used more than once.