Name ____________________________ Date _______________________
                                                 Lesson 35 Test - Heaven

1.  John said he saw a new _______________________ and a new _________________.

    He saw the _____________________ City, the __________________ Jerusalem coming

    down out of heaven from God.

2.  Circle the things or persons  that will be in heaven.  Put an X on the things that will not  be there.

sadness tree of life happiness moon
crying sun gold gates
evil people God pecan trees Jesus

3.  People there will get to eat of the fruit of the _________________ of ______________________.

4. Each of the twelve gates is made of a  single  __________________________.

5. There is no need for a light because  the glory of ___________________ and 

    _______________________   provide the light.

6.  Jesus sent an _______________________ to tell John these things.

7.  Jesus called himself the bright ____________________   ___________________.

Morning Jesus gold life
God heaven Star country
tree Light earth pearl
angel diamond city place