Name ____________________________         Date ___________________________

                                                    Lesson 36 Test -  John the Baptist
                                                                    Luke chapter 3

1.   The _______________________ of John was to prepare the hearts of the people

      for the Messiah.

2.  John told the people that Jesus would be _____________________________ than

     John himself.

3.  The prophet   _____________________________  called John "the voice of one crying

     in the wilderness".

4.   John lived in the _________________________  and dressed in clothing made of

    ___________________'s  ________________   and ______________________.

5.  He ate __________________________   and wild _________________________.

6.  John baptized people in the _____________________   ________________________.

7.  John told the _________________    ___________________________________

      they should not collect more than they were required to.

8.  He told the ___________________________  to be content with their wages.

9.  John told King ___________________________  that he was sinning.

  (Use these words to help you spell the answers.  There are extra words that you will not use.)

honey                                leather                                Jordan River                                camel

Isaiah                                mission                                tax collectors                               Jeremiah

desert                                Herod                                greater                                          Amazon River

hair                                    less                                    locusts                                          soldiers