Name ___________________________   Date ____________________________

                                                Lesson 37 - The Baptism of Jesus
                                                                    Matthew 3:13-17

1.  John was baptizing in the _____________________  River.

2.  Jesus was baptized to __________________  all  _________________________.

3.  After he was baptized, Jesus was _____________________________.

4.  The _____________________ of God in the form of a ______________________

      descended on Jesus.

5.  When John saw this, he knew that Jesus really was the _____________ of ______________.

6.  God came to earth in _______________________ form.

7.  John's mission was to ________________________ the people for the coming of


8.  John was not the Christ, but as he said, he was the friend of

     the _____________________________________.

9.  John said that _________________________ must become greater, but he himself

     must become less ___________________________________.

(Use the words in the box to help you with your spelling.  There are extra words. )

Spirit                                praying                                God                                bridegroom

Amazon                           Jordan                                  Jesus                              righteousness

fulfill                                 human                                  forbid                              important

prepare                            Christ                                   dove                               Son