Name _____________________________   Date _____________________________

                                       Lesson 38 - The Temptation of Christ
                                                                    Luke 4:1-13

1.  Jesus fasted in the wilderness for _________________  days.

2.  When Jesus was hungry, Satan told him to command the ____________________

     to become ____________________________.

3.  Jesus said, "Man shall not live by ___________________________ alone, but by

    every _____________________________ that  proceeds from the mouth of God.

4.  Satan told Jesus that he had the authority to give him all the ____________________

   of the _____________________________.

5.  Jesus said, "You shall worship the _______________________  your ______________,

     and Him only you shall  _______________________________.

6.  Satan told Jesus to throw himself from the top of the  ____________________________

     and ___________________________ would rescue him.

7.  Jesus answered, "You shall not ______________________________  the Lord

    your God.

8.  When Satan left, _____________________________  came and ministered to Jesus.

(Use these words to help with the spelling.  You will use some words more than once.)

God                                              forty                                        word                                            world

stones                                           serve                                        angels                                          bread

kingdoms                                      Lord                                        temple                                          tempt