Name ___________________________    Date ____________________________

                                    Lesson 29 - Jesus Cleanses the Temple
                                                                    Matthew 21:12-17

1.  Jesus entered Jerusalem riding on a ____________________________  when

      it was time for the _______________________________   feast.

2.   After a short visit to the temple, he and his disciples went to

      ______________________________  to spend the night.

3.   The next day when he returned to the temple, Jesus made a _____________________

      of cords and drove the _________________________   ________________________

      from the temple area.

4.    He said, "My Father's house shall be called a _____________________   of

       _________________________,  but you have made it a ____________________

       of _________________________________.

5.   The Jewish leaders began looking for a way to ___________________________


6.  The ____________________________   and ______________________________

      people came to Jesus to be healed.

7.   Jesus called the praise of children "_____________________   ____________________".

( Use the word list to help you with spelling.  There is an extra word that you will not use.)

Passover                                    changers                                perfect                               prayer

den                                            donkey                                  house                                destroy

money                                        Bethany                                 thieves                               blind

praise                                         lame                                      whip                                 Jerusalem