Name _______________________________  Date ___________________________

                                                            Lesson 40 - Nicodemus
                                                                    John 3:1-21

1.  Nicodemus was a ___________________________  and a ruler of the _________________.

2.  He came to see Jesus at _________________________________.

3.   When Jesus told him he must be "born  again", Nicodemus thought he would have to

      become a  ________________________ again and he knew this was not


4.   Jesus said a person must be born of __________________ and the ____________________.

5.   God sent Jesus into the world because he ________________________ the people of the world

      and wanted them to be _____________________________.

6.   Jesus said he must be lifted up as  _____________________   lifted up the sepent  made of brass

     in the wilderness.    A serpent is a       ________________________________.

7.  The two men who asked for the body of Jesus after his death were __________________________

    and _______________________________ of ________________________________.

8.  They prepared it with about 100 pounds of ________________________________.

9.   They wrapped him in strips of ___________________________________.

(Use these words to help you with the spelling. )

baby                                water                                spices                                night

saved                               Pharisee                           Nicodemus                         loved

Jews                                Arimathea                         Moses                               Joseph

snake                               Spirit                                possible                             linen