Name ___________________________   Date _______________________________

                                            Lesson 41 - Healing at the Pool of Bethesda
                                                                    John 5:1-18

1.  Jesus was in the city of __________________________________ to observe a feast.

2.  There was a pool called ______________________________  by the Sheep Gate.

     There were ____________________ porches by the pool.

3.  The pool had healing power because an __________________________ came and

    stirred up the water.

4.  The man in the story had not been able to walk for _____________  years.

5.  Jesus told the man to pick up his __________________  and __________________.

6.  The Jews became angry because Jesus had __________________________  the man

     on the __________________________.

7.  The man did not know who had helped  him because Jesus walked away into the


8.  When Jesus saw the man again, he told him to stop _____________________________

     or something worse would come upon him.

9.  The Jewish leaders were upset because Jesus had called God his ____________________.

(Use the words below to help you with spelling.  There are extra words that you will not use.)

35                                Bethesda                                sinning                                four

Jerusalem                     crowd                                     five                                    Sabbath

walking                        38                                           angel                                  bed

healed                          walk                                        Father                                temple