Name ____________________________  Date ____________________________

                                              Lesson 42 - The Beatitudes
                                                                    Matthew 5:1-12

1.  Blessed are the _____________________ in spirit, for theirs is the

      ___________________________ of ___________________________.

2.  Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be ______________________________.

3.  Blessed are the _____________________________, for they shall inherit the


4.  Blessed are those who hunger and __________________________ after

    ________________________________ , for they shall be filled.

5.  Blessed are the _______________________________, for they shall obtain mercy.

6.  Blessed are the _______________________ in heart, for they shall ____________


7.  Blessed are the _____________________________________, for they shall be

   called sons of God.

8.  Blessed are those who are ______________________________________

     for ___________________________________ sake, for theirs is the kingdom

    of _________________________________.

(Use these words to help with spelling.  You will use some words more than once, and
   there are extra words that you will not use.)

pure                            merciful                            peacemakers                faithful

poor                            meek                               thirst                            world

righteousness                kingdom                         see                               heaven

comforted                    earth                               God                             persecuted