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                                               Lesson 45 - Pharisees and Sadducees
                                                                    Matthew 23:1-36

1.  Jesus showed _____________________ to certain religious leaders because they only

    ______________________________________ to be religious.

2.  To ________________________________ means to give one-tenth of one's income

     to God.

3.  The _________________________________  were careful to observe this commandment.

4.  Jesus compared these religious leaders to _______________________________

    which had been whitewashed, but were full of  ____________________  men's


5.  These leaders heard the message of  ___________ the ________________________,

     but refused to repent and be __________________________________.

6.  The ___________________________  copied the law and interpreted it to the people.

7.  These men wore long _________________________  with broad ____________________

     in order to look important.

8.  They liked for people to call them ___________________ which means teacher.

9.  The Sadducees did not believe in the _____________________________________

     or in the existence of ___________________________________.

10. The _________________________________ council was composed of Pharisees and Sadducees.

11.  Three good Pharisees were  ________________, ____________________________,

      and ____________________________________.

(Use the words to help with spelling.)

Rabbi                            baptized                                Nicodemus                    Sanhedrin
dead                              resurrection                           pretended                      Baptist
anger                             robes                                    bones                            Gamaliel
Scribes                          Pharisees                              John                               tombs
tithe                               Paul                                      angels                            borders