Name ___________________________      Date _________________________________

                                                    Lesson 47 - Ten Lepers
                                                                    Luke 17:11-19

1.  A leper is a person who has the disease called _________________________________.

2.  When a disease can spread from one person to another, it is said to be

     _________________________________  or ________________________________.

3.  _____________________________ got the disease because she and her brother thought

     God should speak through them as well as _______________________, their brother.

4.   _______________________________ was a king who disobeyed God by offering

     _____________________________ in the temple.

5.  Jesus was on his way to _______________________________  when he saw the ten


6.  Lepers had to stay away from people and call out "_______________________________"

     when someone came near.

7.  The men called out, "Jesus, Master, have ___________________________ on us."

8.  Jesus told them to go and show themselves to the ______________________________.

9.  The man who came back to thank Jesus was a ________________________________.

10.  Jesus said to the man, "Your ___________________________ has made you well."

11.  Do you know another story from the Bible about a Samaritan?  What is it?




doctor                 priests                contagious                Moses                Unclean

Aaron                Samaritan            leprosy                     incense               Uzziah

faith                  Jerusalem             infectious                 Mirium                mercy