Name ______________________________    Date _______________________________

                                            Lesson 49 - Raising of Lazarus
                                                                    John 11:1-46

1.  Three of Jesus' good friends were _______________________,  ______________________,

     and ____________________________.

2.  Jesus delayed going to Bethany until __________________________  had been dead for

     _________________________ days.

3.  When Jesus told Martha that her brother would rise again, she thought he was talking about the

   ____________________________________________  of the dead at the end of time.

4.  The two women both said to Jesus that if He had been there,   their ______________________

     would not have __________________________________.

5.  He was buried in  a __________________________   with a __________________________

     over the opening.

6.  When he came out of the tomb, he was wrapped with strips of ___________________________

     and had a __________________________ around his face.

7.  Because of this miracle, many ______________________________ now believed on Jesus.

8.  Why didn't Jesus go on to Bethany when Martha first called for him to come?




Word bank.   (You will use some words more than once.)

cave                                        four                                    brother

resurrection                             Lazarus Martha

Mary                                       died                                    stone

cloth                                        linen                                    Jews