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                                                Lesson 52 - The Parable of the Talents
                                                                    Matthew 25:14-30

1.  The master in the parable gave the first servant __________________  talents of money.

2.  The second servant received ____________________  talents.

3.  The third servant was given ____________________   _________________________.

4.  The first servant pleased his _________________________ because he gained

     ____________________ more talents.

5.  The second servant gained ________________________ more.

6.  The third servant ____________________ his talent in the ______________________,

     and he returned only the __________________   talent.

7.   To the first two men, the master said, "Well _____________________, good and

     ________________________ servant.  You have been __________________________

     with a few things.  I will put you in charge of _________________   ___________________.

8.  The master called the third servant __________________ and _________________________.

9.   He took that man's talent and gave it to the man who had ________________ talents.

10.  What talent do you have that God can use?



Some of the words in the Word Box will be used more than once.  Some will not be used.
hid five talent done
wicked three one faithful
master things ten two
many lazy six ground