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                                                             Lesson 60 - Barnabas
                            Acts 4:36-37;  11:19-30; 13:1-51; 14:8-20;  15:36-41, Numbers 35:1-5

1.  The name Barnabas means  _________________ of ________________________________.

     His name was ___________________________ before he became known as Barnabas.

2.  Barnabas sold a __________________ and gave the money to the  _____________________

    to be used in feeding the poor.

3.  The one who first preached to the Gentiles was ___________________________, but

    ___________________________ was chosen to be a special preacher to  the Gentile nation.

4.  The believers in Jerusalem  were afraid of __________________________  because they didn't

     know if  he had really changed and become a ________________________________.

5.  Barnabas and Paul preached in ____________________________ for a year.

6.  In Cyprus they met the false prophet, _______________________________ and when Paul

    called him a child of the _______________________ the man became blind.

7.  In Lystra the ____________________________ people thought they were gods and started

     to offer a ___________________________ to them.

8.  Paul and Barnabas had a disagreement over ______________________  __________________

     because  _______________________ wanted to take him on the trip and __________________

    didn't want to take him.

9.   On the next trip Barnabas and _____________   ______________ went to Cyprus and

     Paul and ______________________________   went to Syria together.

10. What did you learn from this story about how to settle disputes?




Word Bank -  Some words will be used more than once.
sacrifice devil Encouragement field Elymus
Paul Joseph John Antioch Mark
Son apostles believer Peter heathen
Barnabas Silas