Name ________________________________   Date _________________________________
                                                   Lesson 63 - The Philippian Jailer
                                                                Acts 16:16-40

1.  Paul cast a ___________________________ out of a slave girl.   Her ________________________

     became very angry because they could no longer use her to make money for them.

2.  Because of this incident, Paul and Silas were ________________________________ and  taken

     before the ______________________________________.

3.  As punishment they were ___________________________ and put in ______________________.

4. At midnight they were _______________________________  and singing _____________________.

5.  An ________________________________ caused the prison doors to open and the

    _______________________ fell off the prisoners.

6.  What was the jailer's question and what was Paul's answer?      ______________________________



7.  After Paul preached about the Lord to them, the jailer and his whole family were


8.  The judges became afraid because __________________________________________________



9.  When Paul and Silas left the prison they went to __________________________ house.

10.  Why didn't  the prisoners didn't leave when the doors were opened?   ______________________


Use the words in the box to help you with spelling.
arrested prison believe chains
masters citizens demon magistrates
beaten earthquake baptized Lydia's
praying Roman hymns saved