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                                                      Lesson 9 Test - The Ten Commandments

1. God gave the ten laws to Moses on top of ________________________________________.

2. The Ten Laws are also called the Ten ___________________________________________.

3. ________________________ gathered the people's gold and made an idol.

4. The idol was in the shape of a ________________________.

5. What did Moses do to the idol? _______________________________________________


Fill in the missing words in the first five of the Ten Commandments.
  "You shall have no other gods ___________________________ me."

  "You shall not make for __________________________ an _______________________."

  "You shall not misuse the ________________________ of the Lord your God."

 . "Remember the ______________________ day by keeping it ___________________".

   " Honor your _______________________ and your _______________________".

idol holy mother Moses name
Mt. St. Helens Promises calf Mt. Sinai Aaron
Commandments yourselves before Sabbath tree
father brother first after free