Guess Who Zoo

Mrs. Withrow had each child make a riddle ending with "Who Am I?". The child's picture was placed in the cutout in the animal face. When you lift the page, you see a picture of the child with the name printed on a card under the picture.

For the "Guess Who Zoo" I just "free handed" the animals as the children requested certain animals, and unfortunately I did not keep any copies of them. (I wish I had!!) But - one year, recently, I kept the same idea but came up with a much easier thing to do. I ordered some cute little foam masks from Oriental Trading Company (item # IN-25/1340) and did the same thing, but used 5x7 photos instead. One with the mask - the other without. (I pre-pay for photos from Snapfish - they are very, very reasonably priced!)

For the "riddle" on the front, I encouraged the children to come up with "descriptions" or "hints" about themselves as that animal. Then at the end I put "Can you Guess Who?". I hope this helps you. Thanks so much for asking, and I hope and pray you have a wonderful rest of the year! I included the link below to the masks if you're interested. Blessings, Merilee Phil. 4:13

Order Animal Masks at Oriental Trading

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