Planting Seeds

Slowly the tides of life and work returned,but all the summer long he lingered in that garden and communed in the forest with Dorothy who slept beneath the trees. Henceforth the forest was his home. For him the wide lying silent lands, the great woods, and valleys that were stretched out before him in the hour when he stood upon some mountain top. The town it was not for him. It was in the forest that Dorothy had lived. In the forest she died and her last words left him the charge always to carry seeds with him. Also that little grave in the open glade to which from time to time he made a pilgrimage gave John Chapman a sense of companionship. Henceforth he knew what his life work was to be. Lingering beside the little mound he remembered that Dorothy had made vows for him. His must be a dedicated spirit. The story of the man who always carried seeds with him that had shaped Dorothy's life and thought was now to color her lover's entire career.

The Quest of John Chapman The Story of a Forgotten Hero By Newell Dwight Hillis Published 1904