Psalm 24:3-4

Fill in the blanks using the New King James Version of the Bible.

Who may _______ into

the ______ of the _______?

Or who may _______ in

His _______ _______?

He who has _______  _______

and a _______ _______,

Who has not _______ up

his _______ to an _______,

Nor sworn ____________.

"Scripture taken from the New King James Version. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson,
   Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved."


She cared for the sheep of her
father Laban. She brought the sheep
to a well where the shepherds
watered their sheep. She met her
cousin Jacob there and he watered
her sheep. She ran home and told
her father. Laban went to the
well and brought Jacob home with
him. Jacob loved Rachel and agreed
to work for Laban for seven years
if he could marry her. At the end
of seven years there was a wedding,
but Jacob learned that he had not
been given Rachel as a bride,
but her older sister Leah. After
a week he also married Rachel,
but worked for Laban seven more
years. Then he worked another six
years for the cattle. When he left
Laban he had eleven sons. Rachel
had one son named Joseph and later
had another son named Benjamin.

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