Excerpt from The Private Life of Galileo By Galileo Galilei, Maria Celeste Galilei, Mary Allan-Olney

The Condemnation of Galileo

We say pronounce sentence and declare that thou the said Galileo by the things deduced during this trial and by thee confessed as above hast rendered thyself vehemently suspected of heresy by this Holy Office that is of having believed and held a doctrine which is false and contrary to the Holy Scriptures to wit that the Sun is the centre of the universe and that it does not move from east to west and that the Earth moves and is not the centre of the universe and that an opinion may be held and defended as probable after having been declared and defined as contrary to Holy Scripture and in consequence thou hast incurred all the censures and penalties of the Sacred Canons and other Decrees both general and particular against such offenders imposed and promulgated. From the which We are content that thou shouldst be absolved if first of all with a sincere heart and unfeigned faith thou dost before Us abjure curse and detest the above mentioned errors and heresies and any other error and heresy contrary to the Catholic and Apostolic Roman Church after the manner that We shall require of thee.