Excerpt from The Private Life of Galileo By Galileo Galilei, Maria Celeste Galilei, Mary Allan-Olney

Galileo's Visit to Rome

Galileo's intention of visiting Rome was not put into execution till the Easter of 1624. This delay was occasioned by the state of his health which absolutely forbade his braving the fatigue of a journey to Rome during the winter. Meanwhile his friends at the Papal Court anxiously watched the temper of the new Pope and kept him well informed of every favorable indication "Under the auspices of this most excellent learned and benignant Pontiff", wrote Prince Cesi," science must flourish. Your arrival will be welcome to his Holiness. He asked me if you were coming and when and in short he seems to love and esteem you more than ever. Ciampoli wrote in the same strain. Yet a certain amount of caution was necessary and of this Galileo seems to have been as fully aware as Prince Cesi to whom he had imparted his great desire to bring about the recognition of the Copernican theory. Writing in October to this nobleman who was then residing on his estate of Acquasparta near Todi, he says "I have received the very courteous and prudent advice of your Excellency respecting the time and manner of my going to Rome and shall act upon it. I shall pay you a visit at Acquasparta that I may be fully informed of the present state of things at Rome ."