John Boon & Anna Starnes
Married app. 1778

John Boon
Parents: ?
Born: July 16, 1755 in Virginia
Died: Jan. 27, 1837 in Guilford Co. North Carolina
Place of Burial: Friedens Lutheran Church Cemetery, Guilford Co. N.C.

Anna Starnes
Parents: Leonard Starnes & Mary ---
Born: May 14, 1760 probably Virginia, Mecklenburg Co.
Died: July 9, 1819 Guilford Co. N.C.
Place of Burial: Friedens Lutheran Church Cemetery

Jacob Boon b. Oct. 21, 1779 , d. June 29, 1859, married Mary (Polly) Breeden on July 13, 1807

John G. (River John) Boon b. Aug. 2, 1783, d. Oct. 21, 1875 (?), married Elizabeth Huffman July 17, 1811

David M. Boon b. June 19, 1788, d. Mar. 4, 1863, married Mary Catherine Huffman

Jessie Lewis Boon b. Dec. 22, 1793, d. Dec. 14, 1873, married Sarah (Sally) Clapp

William Boon b. June 17, 1801, d. June 1, 1881 or 1886, married Mary (Polly) Shoemaker on Aug. 16, 1825

Caleb Augustus Boon b. Dec. 14, 1820(?), d. Oct. 12, 1897 , buried in 'Bethel Chapel, Guilford Co. N.C., married Elizabeth Garrison on Dec. 5, 1835, then Olivia Elvira Clapp on May 25, 1863

Catherine Boon b. 1780, d. before 1834, married Lewis Shepherd (Sheppard)

Polly (Mary) Boon b. Jan. 23, 1785, d. Sept. 27, 1825, married Capt. John Henry Clapp

Betsy May Boon b. 1790

Barbara Boon b. 1795

Ann Boon Sept. 9, 1797 in Guilford Co. N.C. d. Feb. 8, 1883 in Guilford Co. N.C., married Elisha Flack Feb. 7, 1821

Milly (Amillia) Boon b. 1805

Josia Boon b. Dec. 20, 1802, d. July 25, 1803

Source of information: Thelma Carrell Jones who used the following resources:
Will of John Boon, Guilford Co. N.C. Book B Page 562 File 0738, Pension Application by John Boon for Revolutionary War service


John Boon/Boone was born July 16, 1755 in Virginia to Jacob and Catherine Boon. We have a copy of his will in which he named his children. He gave slaves and tracts of land to his sons. He gave the same to his youngest son, Caleb, along with money to be put to interest and used for his clothing and education when he came of age. Caleb was thirteen years old at the time.

John fought in the Revolutionary War and applied for a pension in 1833, being 78 years old at the time. His first service was from Rowan County, North Carolina in 1774. The Cherokee Nation of Indians were taking up arms and murdering the settlers.

The group Boon was with intercepted those who were providing the Indians with arms and ammunition. They marched to a place called Ninety Six in South Carolina, where they learned that wagons with ammunition for the Indians had recently passed. They caught the Indians and took the wagons, one loaded with powder and two loaded with lead. The men with the wagons ran when Boon and his men approached and one of them fell into the river. He couldn't come out, so Colonel Polk went in after him.

When they returned home, John had spent three months and suffered greatly from the cold. Many of the men had died and most everyone was frost bitten wading home through the deep snow.

His next service was in March 1775. He was drafted to serve under John Barringer. After they organized, they marched to Fayetville to subdue the Scotch who were in favor of the British. When they got to their destination, they learned the Scotch had dispersed and separated, so Boon and his men went home and were dismissed.

His next service was in 1776. He volunteered and was in charge of pack horses. They went to a place called Mulberry Bottom and had a skirmish with some Indians. He assisted in burning Indian towns and supplies. In 1788, he joined the Minute Men. They were held in readiness to march at a moment's notice to save frontier families being massacred by the Indians.

This information was taken from the pension application of John Boon dated November 1833, after the close of the war, Guilford County, North Carolina.

John Boon married Anne Montgomery July, 1832 in Guilford County, N.C. She was his third wife. The other wives were Elizabeth Barringer, daughter of John Barringer that Boon served under during the war, and Anna Starnes, mother of Ann. Anna Boon was allowed 160 acres of bounty land because of her husband's service in the war.

John Boon's daughter, Ann, born September 9,1797, married Elisha Flack and was the great grandmother of Solomon Jocephas Carrell. He was the father of Vera, Wilma and Thelma.

Source: Thelma Carrell Jones