Born 1790, died, 1863

Solomon Shell Carrol born in Virginia in 1790 was very interesting to research. He left a paper trail, he seemed to want everything to be legal and proper. In some of his earlier documents, he used the spelling "Carrol", but changed it to Carrell.

Solomon Shell Carrell married Frances Douglass in 1813 in Brunswick County, Virginia. In 1830 through 1860 they were in the Census of Gibson County, Tennessee. He died in 1863 at the age of 73, and his will states that he gave his soul to God and his estate was to be equally divided between his children.

Solomon Shell Carrol was the son of Sally Read, and we do not know who his father was. Solomon Shell was the grandson of Thomas Carrol, who died in Warren County, North Carolina in 1813. In his will, Thomas named three of his grandchildren who were to receive special inheritances. One os these was Solomon Shell Carrol, son of Sally.

Solomon Shell's great-grandfather was John Carrol. We do not know when he was born, but we do have an excellent copy of his will made in 1760 in Northampton, N.C., naming his wife, Milbrough, and his nine children. His sons were to each receive a plantation and slaves, and the same for his son-in-law when he helped the sons pay off a twenty pound note that John Carrol owed.

Source: Thelma Carrell Jones