Solomon Jocephas Carrell

Born April 18, 1886 - Died November 29, 1952

Solomon Jocephas Carrell was the son of Be Alexander Howell Carrell and Martha Livina Kathern Flack. He was married to Jessie Crutcher, and they had three daughters.

His daughter, Thelma writes of him:

"Papa wanted so much to get an education. He was accepted at Hardin Simmons University in Abilene, Texas in 1908. He had a job to pay his expenses, but Grandma wrote him that she needed him to come home for a short time and help with the crop. He felt he could not refuse, and it never seemed to work out for him to return to school. I wrote Hardin Simmons in 1993 and asked about his course of study. They affirmed the fact that he had been there, but the course of study was unavailable."

"So many times I hear him say, 'If only I had an education.'"

"I grew up believing that come what may, I would go to college. I did, and it hurts me that Papa did not realize his dream."

"Mama's sister, Katie, and her family moved to Collingsworth County. Papa bought a farm only a mile from them and moved there when I was five. Life was good; we lived in a nice community, the school was only a mile away, Papa was active in the Church and community activities. Mama played the piano at church-- we also had a piano at home."

"In later years, Papa's health began to fail, and he was unable to do farm work and other things he had enjoyed doing. He was not one to complain. "

"When the small schools consolidated and the Samnorwood post office came into existence, Mama thought it would be a good idea to become the Postmaster. She took the proper examinations etc. and got the job. The farm was sold and they moved two miles down the road to the new area called 'Samnorwood'"

"Papa died in 1952 at the age of sixty-six."

"After Papa's death Mama stayed on at the post office. She was a happy person. She was not one to complain. At age 76 she was planning a trip to visit us in California. Two days before she was to leave home, she died in her sleep. She went so calmly, she didn't even ruffle the covers."

Source: Thelma Carrell Jones