James McCuiston Sr. & Janett Sarah Behol
Married 1726 in Ireland

James McCuiston
Parents: ?
Born: 1700 Derry County, Ireland
Died:Nov. 6, 1765
Place of Burial: Family Cemetery, Guilford Co. North Carolina

Janett Sarah Behol
Parents: ?
Born: 1706
Died: April 11, 1783
Place of Burial: Family Cemetery, Guilford Co. North Carolina

Robert McCuiston b. Sept. 11, 1728 d. Sept. 28, 1758

Thomas McCuiston b. Dec. 17, 1731, d. Dec. 9, 1783 m. Sept. 15, 1756 (Thomas stayed in North Carolina.)

Gustavius McCuiston , b. May 21, 1733 (moved to Tenn in 1783)

Jane McCuiston b. Mar. 11, 1735, d. Jan. 15, 1802, buried in Guilford Co. N.C., m. Thomas Flack in 1760

James McCuiston Jr. b. Mar. 12, 1737 (moved to Tenn. 1783)

Sarah McCuiston b. April 12, 1739 married her cousin, Walter McCuistion Jan. 27, 1768

Lavina McCuiston b. May 22, 1742, married John Nelson June 19, 1764

Mary McCuiston b. April 28, 1744

Dorcas McCuiston b. Mar. 12, 1746, married her cousin, John McCuistion on Jan. 12, 1768

Source of information: Thelma Carrell Jones who used the following resources:
Book "McCuiston-McQuiston-McQueston" from the Los Angeles Public Library,
Will for James McCuiston, Will Book A Rowan County, N.C. 1766,
Book: " Buffalo and Her People" by Sam S. Rankin

A cousin sent me this link about the McCuiston Family which gives more information about the parents of James McCuiston.


Janett Sarah Behol married James McCuiston, Sr. in county Derry, Ireland in 1726. Their oldest son, Robert, was born in 1728 and was buried in Ireland. Janet and James were in America by 1735.

They raised eight children in America. One of the eight, Jane, born 1735 married Thomas Flack. Three generations later Martha Lavina Kathern Flack was born in North Carolina. She married Be Alexander Howell Carrell and was the mother of Solomon Jocephas Carrell.

Source: Thelma Carrell Jones