James Blackwell & Elizabeth Ann Crenshaw
Married 1783

James Blackwell
Parents: Josiah Blackwell & ?
Born: 1750 probably in Kings William Co. Virginia
Died: 1801
Place of Burial: Unknown

Elizabeth Ann Crenshaw
Parents: ?
Born: 1763
Died: ?
Place of Burial: Unknown

Thomas Blackwell b. Feb. 14, 1784 in Kings William Co. Virginia, d. Sept. 3, 1857, buried in Williamson Co. Tennessee, married Elizabeth Gibson on July 28, 1805

Jane Elizabeth Blackwell b. May 5, 1788 in Kings William Co. Virginia, d. Aug. 1861, buried in Sumter Co. Alabama, married Elisha Jefferson Dodson in 1815

William Blackwell b.1787, buried in Morgan Co. Alabama

James Crenshaw Blackwell b. 1785

Source of information: Thelma Carrell Jones who used the following resources:
"Quotes from the Memories of Wesley Clarke Dodson" who was the son of Jane Elizabeth and Elisha Jefferson Dodson, Personal letters of Wesley Clarke Dodson.

Thomas Blackwell & Elizabeth (Betsy) Gibson
Married July 28, 1805 in Bedford Co. Virginia

Thomas Blackwell
Parents: James Blackwell and Elizabeth Ann Crenshaw
Born: Feb. 14, 1784 in Kings William Co. Virginia
Died: Sept. 3, 1857 at Chapel Hill, Williamson co. Tennessee
Place of Burial: Blackwell-Smith Cemetery

Elizabeth (Betsy) Gibson
Parents: William Gibson & Mary ---
Born: July 28, 1785 in Virginia
Died: March 20, 1861 in Williamson Co. Tennessee
Place of Burial: Blackwell-Smith Cemetery, 1 mile west of US 431, 4 miles south of Franklin

Mary H. Blackwell b. Sept. 20, 1806, d. June 16, 1871, married Hugh L. Thompson

William M. Blackwell b. Mar. 10, 1808, d. April 27, 1836, buried in Williamson co. Tennessee

Anna P. Blackwell b. Sept. 23, 1809, d. 1835

Lucinda Blackwell b. June 8, 1811, d. Jan. 27, 1880, married Thomas S. Smith on Nov. 18, 1833

Elizabeth Blackwell b. Feb. 9, 1813, d. June 24, 1875, married William L. Neeley on Nov. 1, 1832

John W. Blackwell b. Mar. 30, 1814 in Kentucky, d. Mar. 19, 1898, married Sarah L. Powell on Feb. 16, 1837

Martha Blackwell b. Feb. 23, 1816, in Kentucky, d. June 26, 1897, married Robert Owen on Feb. 11, 1839

Emaline Blackwell b. Mar. 27, 1818 in Kentucky, d. Feb. 26, 1895, married John C. Woodall on Sept. 14, 1846

Jane Blackwell b. June 17, 1819 in Kentucky, d. Mar. 16, 1864, married William F. Carter

Catherine P. Blackwell b. Feb. 23, 1822 in Allen Co. Kentucky, d. May 16, 1894, buried Swanson Cemetery Chapel Hill, Tennessee, married Samuel Adolphus Crutcher on Feb. 28, 1843

Source of information: Thelma Carrell Jones who used the following resources:
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Catherine P. Blackwell, the youngest of Thomas and Elizabeth's ten children was born in 1822. In 1843 she married Samuel Adolphus Crutcher. Their second son, Thomas Robert, married Louisa Sanders May and was the mother of Jessie Woodson Crutcher, mother of Vera, Wilma, and Thelma.

Source: Thelma Carrell Jones