We had some amusing experiences along the way though. One day Mama, Katie and I hitched Old Dolly to the buggy and we started to Cleburne, twelve or fifteen miles away to do some shopping. That was the nearest town to us of any size.

We had to drive down the side of the railroad track for several miles, knowing that the train; a very slow one called Nancy Hanks, was liable to come along most any time. And it was a constant dread to Mama as she was afraid Old Dolly would run away and tear up things, and sure enough, we saw Ole Nancy coming.

Mama said, "Get out of the buggy."

We all crawled out. She got a good hold of the bridal (sic) on one side and told Katie to hold the other side, and for me to get over as close to the fence as I could out of the way. And there came the train bearing down on us and all of us scared. The train went by. The train men waved, and Old Dolly didn't even look up.

Mama said "She could have raised her ears, at least."

We went on to town and back home safely.

The Long Journey School Days