My father, Thomas Robert Crutcher (called Bob), was born May 27, 1846 and my mother, Louisa S. May was born May 2, 1851. They were married March 10, 1870. Their eight children were the following: (all dates taken from the family Bible.)

Willie Adolphas, born July 24, 1871, died 1923

Annie Lou , born March 1, 1874, died 1911

May Etta, born October 23, 1875, died 1954

Thomas Blackwell, born November 23, 1878, died 1939

Giles Porter, born January 4, 1881, died 1939

Scott Turner, born April 10, 1883, died 1898

Sarah Kate, born June 16, 1888, died 1952

Jessie Woodson, born May 16, 1893.

My parents lived in Tennessee until after their sixth child was born in 1883. Then after much consideration Papa and Mama decided to move to Texas. But they had much opposition from their parents as to whether they should make the move. Texas was a far-away state in those days when train was the only mode of transportation.

But they had made their decision and plans were made as to leaving. Papa chartered a boxcar to load their possessions and he and Mama and their six children left for Texas, which was their home for the remainder of their lives, locating in Johnson County, on a farm in the Pleasant View Community about halfway between Godley and Joshua.

While living at this location Katie was born June 16, 1888. They did not live in Johnson County but a few years, and the next move was to Collin County. Papa bought a farm north of McKinney, Texas and on May 16, 1893 I arrived; being the youngest child of a family of eight children; four boys and four girls (although only seven at home as my oldest sister, Annie, had married in November of 1892 before I was born 1893).

Papa's Accident Pioneer Life