Thirty Years a Slave, and Four Years in the White House) by Elizabeth Keckley

" No matter," I replied, " Mr. Lincoln will be re-elected. I am so confident of it, that I am tempted to ask a favor of you."

" A favor ! Well, if we remain in the White House I shall be able to do you many favors. What is the special favor ? "

" Simply this, Mrs. Lincoln I should like for you to make me a present of the right-hand glove that the President wears at the first public recep tion after his second inaugural ."

" You shall have it in welcome. It will be so filthy when he pulls it off, I shall be tempted to take the tongs and put it in the fire. I cannot imagine, Lizabeth, what you want with such a glove."

"I shall cherish it as a precious memento of the second inauguration of the man who has done so much for my race. He has been a Jehovah to my people has lifted them out of bondage, and directed their footsteps from darkness into light. I shall keep the glove, and hand it down to posterity."

" You have some strange ideas, Lizabeth. Never mind, you shall have the glove ; that is, if Mr. Lincoln continues President after the 4th of March next."

I held Mrs. Lincoln to her promise. That glove is now in my possession, bearing the marks of the thousands of hands that grasped the honest hand of Mr. Lincoln on that eventful night. Alas ! it has become a prouder, sadder memento than I ever dreamed prior to making the request it would be.