These word matches were created to accompany the Biographies for Kids that appear on Garden of Praise.
You may print them off and make copies for your students to use. They will draw lines to
connect the beginning of the sentence in the left-hand column to the words
that complete the sentence in the right-hand column


George Washington Print

John Adams Print

Thomas Jefferson Print

Hippocrates Print

Walter Reed Print

Benjamin Franklin Print

Joan of Arc Print

Franklin D. Roosevelt Print

John F. Kennedy Print

Deborah Sampson Print

Francis Scott Key Print

Theodore Roosevelt Print

Abraham Lincoln Print

Winston Churchill Print

Sojourner Truth Print

Matthew Henson Print

Robert Peary Print

John James Audubon Print

Tiger Woods Print

Rosa Parks Print

Annie Oakley Print

Harriet Tubman Print

Amelia Earhart Print

Booker T. Washington Print

James Madison Print

James Monroe Print

Albert Einstein Print

Anne Frank Print

Andrew Jackson Print

Nikola Tesla Print

Sir Edmund Hillary Print

Eleanor Roosevelt Print

Guszon Borglum Print

John Chapman "Johnny Appleseed" Print

Lise Meitner Print

Ronald Reagan Print

Michael Phelps Print

Laura Ingalls Wilder Print

Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) Print

Ernest Hemingway Print

Greg Mortenson Print

Mary McLeod Bethune Print

Phillis Wheatley Print

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Print

Dean Kamen Print

Calvin Coolidge Print

Meriwether Lewis Print

Ludwig Van Beethoven Print

Martin Luther King Jr. Print

Marie Curie Print

Wilma Rudolph Print

Lou Gehrig Print

Noah Webster Print

Sir Isaac Newton Print

George Washington Carver Print

Florence Nightingale Print

Helen Keller Print

Clara Barton Print

Christopher Columbus Print

The Wright Brothers Print

Thomas Alva Edison Print

Cyrus McCormick Print

Johanne Gutenberg Print

Alexander Graham Bell Print

Alexander the Great Print

Frederick Douglass Print

Susan B. Anthony Print

John Muir Print

Louis Pasteur Print

Henry Ford Print

Elizabeth Keckley Print

Sequoyah Print

Mary Ann Shadd Cary Print

Increase Mather Print

Albert Schweitzer Print

Aristotle Print

Galileo Print

Kit Carson Print

James Forten Print

Ansel Adams Print

Gandhi Print

Barack Obama Print

César Chávez Print

Norman Borlaug Print

Madam C.J. Walker Print

William Wilberforce Print

Benjamin Banneker Print

Daniel Boone Print

George Muller Print

Michael Faraday Print

Jimmy Carter Print

Harry S. Truman Print

Word matches on these pages courtesy of

Armored Penguin.com

We'd like to thank the webmaster of Armored Penguin for making these puzzlemakers available to people free of charge. We have used their site for years to make Word Scrambles, Crossword Puzzles, Word Matches, and Word Searches to accompany the lessons at Garden of Praise. I copy the puzzles, put them into word documents, and then turn them into PDFs. Please visit and support their website.
Thank you, Armored Penguin!