In response to changing technology, in 2014 we created a mobile version of Garden of Praise. Now the site detects the type of device being used (mobile phone, tablet or computer) and automatically adjusts the page layout for the device. In the web development community this is called Responsive Web Design. The mobile version of this site covers a large part of the available content, but not all of it. To see all the content you should access the site using a computer.

Your students can now read biographies, Bible lessons and artist pages using the new mobile version. They can read the content easily on their smart phone or tablet, and take the associated tests. The learning activities for each page are linked, though some activities don't work on mobile devices yet.

Thank you for your patience. We will continue to work on improvements to the site, and appreciate any suggestions you may have.

Patsy Stevens
Elton Smith
Leslie Smith

This is the mobile version of Garden of Praise. You are using a desktop computer. Try viewing the page on your smart phone.