To Parents and Teachers

Our aim is to provide an enjoyable way for your students to learn the multiplication facts.
  Here are a few suggestions to help make this a successful program.

        1.   Work with your child at the computer and use the page as a teaching aid.  Small children
              will need guidance in learning the concepts of skip counting and using memory pegs.

        2.   Start with Ones, which are easy.  Also on this page the child will learn the correct sequence
              to use the fingers for Finger Power.

        3.   Work on the Twos until the student knows the facts well, or at least can find the answer
              quickly using Finger Power.

        4.   Next work on Threes, Fours, and Fives, expecting some degree of mastery before going
             going to the next level.

        5.   Doubles are next.  These facts just must be memorized. However the only new doubles
              facts to be learned are 6x6, 7x7, 8x8, and 9x9.

        6.   Next comes a review of the larger Five facts.  The fives have already been learned when
              counting by fives.

        7.   Super Sixes have a song and some memory pegs which should be helpful.

        8.   There are two memory pegs for learning the Nines.  If students need a crutch for a while
              they can quickly "number down, and number up" on a piece of scratch paper.

        9.   Tens are easy and will be learned quickly.

        10. When the child has learned all the above, there is only one fact left.  That is 7x8.  The page
              shows the trick for learning that fact.

        11.  The concept of "times 0" is shown on the Empty Nests page.

There are worksheets included for the child to color in a matrix and practice writing the answers to the 
facts.  There is also a Study Sheet and a Test Yourself sheet.  The answers appear on the Study
Sheet, and the Test page does not include the answers.  Have the child  work on this page orally
rather than writing the answers to the facts.

We also recommend that you make flashcards from some of the sites that are  linked to on  the first page
of Musical Multiplication.

Make it fun!