May 1, 2008

We have been working on the crossword puzzles to accompany the lessons. There are now printable and online crossword puzzles for the Bible lessons, biographies, and famous artist pages.

Printable Crossword Puzzles These are easy crossword puzzles created to accompany the Bible stories, Biographies for Kids, and Famous Artists that appear on Garden of Praise. You may print them off and make copies for your students to use. A "Word Bank" has been included to help the children spell the words.

Online Crossword Puzzles These puzzles are nearly identical to the printable puzzles with a few adaptations. They can be worked and checked online. If the student does not know the answer or how to spell the word, there is a "solve" button which will print the word in the boxes in blue letters. They too, are available on the Crossword Puzzle page and on each lesson page.

My son, Elton is hosting the online puzzles on his site at...

He has a gadget which will enable you to add the crossword puzzles to your Google desktop.

Linda Lawrence in her series, God's Exquisite Garden, has written two new Bible lessons for women and young adults.

Love In this lesson she defines the word "Love" and exhorts us to love as God loves us.

Morality This lesson gives examples of the consequences of immorality and she urges us to set a high standard for ourselves and for our children.

A Personal Note

During the previous school year I taught several music students after school at the school facilities, but at the end of that year I could see that I could not be leaving my husband, Murray for lengthy periods of time due to his failing memory, so I dismissed all my students except one, Joshua, who was doing exceptionally well. This year I have taught Joshua at our home on Saturday mornings and he has excelled. He plays the keyboard and also has started playing the Hammond organ. I have my mother's Hammond organ and Joshua's parents were able to find one for him on Ebay and it was right here in Dallas. Joshua will be presenting a recital for his family and friends here at our house on May 10th.

On May 16th Murray's son, Len will spend the night with him and I will be able to attend Veronica's graduation and spend the night with my family. We have another granddaughter, Katie who is also graduating from high school this month.

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The banner at the top of the page features my granddaughter Veronica. A wallpaper image of the picture of her smelling the flowers is available for you to download and enjoy. Veronica is now 18 years old and will graduate from high school this spring.

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