Ideas for Using Garden of Praise Lessons

Teachers and homeschool parents have found creative ways to use the free material
presented at Garden of Praise. Some of those ways are presented here.

Biographies and Autobiographies
In this WebQuest by Andrew Lurker, students learn about biographies and write an autobiography.

Building an Autobiography
Alyson L. Knapper helps students develop an autobiography, develop a script, and create a film about themselves.

Elements of Biography and Autobiography
Students learn the elements of biography and autobiography. (Pennsylvania Department of Education)

Freely Homeschool
recommends Garden of Praise for homeschooling

Hero Webquest
In this lesson the students in Miss Intoccia's class choose a hero and organize facts about the person.

Webquest - Writing a Biography
Allison Kimbler asks her students to play the part of an editor of a newspaper who requires a feature story about a famous American. Grade level 3-5

Webquest Time Travelers
Natalie Tomczy's students travel back in time to pick a person who will be the next president of our country. Grade level 3-5

Webquest, Intro to Art
Students of Fred Mintert learn about art and artists, research one person and create a PowerPoint presentation.

Famous Americans imovie project
Aj Thompson's students research an influential American and use pictures to present an imovie slideshow. Grade level 3-5

Historical People
Students choose a historical character from Garden of Praise website and prepare a report.

George Washington Carver
Kevin Stoda from Taiwan recommends Garden of Praise as a resource for this biography.

Inventors and Inventions
Students study five famous inventors using Garden of Praise biographies. (by Kendra Massie, Shawnee State, modified by Beth Hilsabeck)

Ways to Link to the Bible Lessons
Gaylon West has provided a link to the Garden of Praise Bible stories using small images for linking.

Click Schooling
Garden of Praise resources are recommended by Diane Flynn Keith's Click Schooling
This is a recommendation as a homework resource for biographies.

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