Be Alexander Howell Carrell, circa 1873

Born June 1, 1853 - Died June 28, 1892

Be Alexander Howell Carrell, third son of Melodious, was 16 at the time of his father's death. Five years later, he married Martha Livinia Flack. In 1879, B. Alexander, age 26, Martha, age 22 and their two sons, age one and three, with Be Alexander's younger siblings moved to McLennan County, Texas. Mary, a sister of Be Alexander, had tuberculosis, and it was thought the move would improve her health. She died three years later.

They moved to Johnson County, Texas in 1891. When farmers moved in those days, it was not an easy task. They loaded their household possessions into wagons and drove their cattle. It was customary to take Sunday as a day of rest and continue the trip the next day.

They bought a farm. When he died in 1892, they had six children from the ages of one to eighteen. He had worked in the field all day, came in, ate a big meal, and seemed to be feeling fine. He awakened in the night sick, and died before daybreak. Martha, age 35, stayed on farming and caring for the children. Solomon Jocephas was six years old when his father died.

One happy memory that Cephas had of his dad was running from the field one day when it began to rain, and how they raced and laughed, and how he, the little boy, won the race.

Children of Be Alexander Howell Carrell
and Martha Livina Carrell:

Mamie Carrell Anderson (born 7-29-1884, died 11-25-1905)

Melodious Be Carrell (born 3-22-1876, died 7-1-1928)

William Edgar Carrell (born 2-25-1878, died 4-22-1934)

Dora Priscilla (born 1-16-1880, died 2-6-1898)

Agnes Cornelia (born 4-14-1882, died 10-11-1882)

Mamie Charlottie (born 7-29-1884, died 11-25-1905)

Solomon Jocephas (born 4-18-1886, died 11-29-1952)

Annie Maude (born 12-22-1887, died 7-29-1950)

John Guy (born 2-10-1891, died ?)